Neighborhood Revitalization

Focus on the 13th Street Corridor

Since purchasing 2.3 acres of assorted properties on northeast 13th Street in Fort Lauderdale in 2006, and moving our H.O.M.E.S., Inc. offices here in 2007, we made a commitment to become truly involved in our new neighborhood, and to focus our neighborhood revitalization efforts here in the area surrounding our new corporate home.

In summer 2008, we held a neighborhood-wide Charette of area stakeholders – working with FAU’s Center for Urban Redevelopment – to determine what businesses and residents liked and disliked about the area, and what they could envision it might become if we all worked together.

The creation of the 13th Street Alliance (chaired by the H.O.M.E.S., Inc.’s CEO) was one of the results of that charette – bringing together local businesses, residents, civic and homeowners associations.  Its mission is to transform and revitalize the business districts in the 13th Street Corridor.

Toward that overarching goal, the Alliance has since installed large donated sculptures in street medians, curtailed the rampant crime in our neighborhood through a business and resident crime watch program, implemented a Pilot Business Landscape Program with funds we raised, successfully persuaded local business to paint their buildings, and held a large street festival (“Green Dog Day Festival”).  We have also obtained a grant to install lighting and more landscaping in public rights-of-way along 13th Street.

Perhaps most importantly, we persuaded the City of Fort Lauderdale to conduct a  “Slum and Blight” Study for our area, and then to approve it as a new COMMUNITY REDEVEVELOPMENT AREA (CRA) – the first new CRA in our City in 20 years!  With this designation, we will be able to use “tax increment financing” as a long-term redevelopment tool for our neighborhood.

Currently, we are working on creating a CRA Redevelopment Plan, transit issues, and creating, retaining, and bringing new businesses to our area.

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CRA Eyes Neglected 13th Street Corridor